The ministry of Grace Dental and Medical Missions is aimed at serving four groups of believers on the home front.

US Local Churhes – Our primary field for education about the unique goals of medical missions and opportunities for believers to participate in GDMMissions’ ministries.  This is the training ground for new missionaries wishing to work in foreign countries as part of a medical missions team.

Healthcare Professionals – Believers who are trained in the health care field who wish to participate in short-term or longer term foreign mission opportunities. 

Missionaries in US- GDMMissions supports missionaries in the U.S. who are home on furlough.  We also wish to educate missionaries about how medical missions can help them by working through local churches, missions and Bible conferences, and on-line literature.

Missionaries on furlough can be helped with free or low-cost dental care. Special arrangements need to be made by contacting the GDMMissions office.

Mission Boards – Like-minded mission boards who either have medical missionaries we can support or who wish to work with us in establishing new churches around a medical clinic or hospital core.

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