Short term field team ministries are an integral part of Grace Dental and Medical Missions programs evangelism and church planting endeavors.  We go anywhere in the world – not just to specific regions or countries.  The apostles were sent “into all the world” (Matthew 16:15) and “unto the uttermost part of the earth” (Matthew 28:19).  Our short term team trips obey this Biblical command and search out some of the more remote parts of the world that need to hear the Gospel.
Short term field team trips are compact ways to implement Biblical principles of evangelism and personal compassion while also gaining some insights into what life is like on the foreign mission field.  Whether in a remote village in Cameroon, West Africa, a small island in Micronesia, or a poor “barrio” in Mexico, we are confident that you will never be the same after cross-cultural evangelistic ministry with a team of dentists, doctors, and local believers.  

The capstone of short term field trips is often the “after hours” time spent in fellowship with missionaries in their homes or in the field.  The slide presentations you often see when missionaries visit churches take on new meaning when living with missionaries and actually experience some of day-to-day things they experience – the joys and the sorrows – in the country where they live and minister.  After a week or two the Holy Spirit just might work in your heart to join your new friends some day! Click here for the  Upcoming Ministries & Events page to see a the schedule of field team ministries.

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