GDMMissions plans to expand in the near future to sponsor combined short-term field team trips with both medical and dental professionals. As we grow we anticipate having medical field teams move to the forefront of our ministry.

Medical field teams are planned differently from dental teams in three important ways:

  1. The emphasis of the medical clinic depends on the specialization of the lead doctor or the availability of more than one doctor. In the past we have had participation on different teams by a general practitioner, pediatrician, optometrist, obstetrician-gynecologist, and physical therapist – each lending a different flavor to their team. When nurses participate they bring their individual areas of special expertise and background to the clinic. Everyone’s skills and experience are valuable as the team forms in a unique way to serve the Lord in a field setting.
  2. More effort is involved in preparation for a medical field team trip as there is the need for more medication in anticipation of treatment for the most common illnesses for the target area. There is usually information available from either past trips or local doctors and nurses on what common illnesses to expect. Medication and medical supplies are an added expense for medical field trips and these supplies need to be procured and shipped well in advance of the trip.
  3. The variety of cases to be treated in a medical clinic means that more patient pre-screening needs to be done by nurses and qualified professionals prior to people seeing a doctor. Nurses can deal with minor or the most common cases and refer others to doctors. This adds to the time spent with patients and gives multiple opportunities to show the love of Christ to those in

GDMMissions’ vision for the future goes beyond short-term medical clinics to include the establishment of permanent medical clinics in a country where they can form the nucleus of an evangelistic and church planting work.   Our strategy is to have a full-time doctor start a small medical clinic in an area with a substantial population but no fundamental Gospel witness. We believe that as visiting patients are evangelized, and some are saved, local churches can be started. Over time, the medical clinic would be augmented by missionaries to start small churches and begin the process of reaching out to surrounding areas. While our initial efforts are in Africa, we are investigating other countries as well.

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