TracyRecently God has been teaching me a bit more about what grace means.

God’s Grace in Medical Missions

by Dr. Chuck Hurlburt, M.D.

We all know that grace is unmerited favor. But I like practical, working definitions. So what does unmerited favor mean? I heard a preacher say that, “Grace is God giving us power to do what He wants us to do. Grace is God giving His people power to be what He wants them to be or do what He wants them to do.” And to me that’s a good working definition of grace. Any Christian service must be dependent on God’s grace. Any service in missions is all of grace. God might use us but it’s ultimately all His work. You know, service without depending on God’s grace may appear or feel good and noble but it won’t be effective. Grace is God working in and through us. So serving in missions without God’s grace would be like an ambassador being sent from a country but leaving all his credentials behind. He goes out saying, “ I don’t need my government’s power or authority. I’ll just go on my own power or do my own thing. I don’t need their authority. I don’t need their protection. I don’t need their direction.” That would be foolish! That would be ineffective! As it says in II Corinthians 5:20, we are God’s ambassadors. We would not dare attempt our mission without God’s grace. It would be foolish! It would be ineffective!

(Dr. Hurlburt was the featured speaker at the GDMMissions 2016 Annual Banquet. This article is taken from his comments.)

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