Follow-up clinics in eastern Samar

Missionary JP Pornan recently wrote (see photo left): "Lydia, the lady at the right side of the picture, accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior during the medical mission held at their barangay last February. She approached me and begged to teach her how to study the Bible, and eventually, she came to know Christ and placed her trust in Him as her Savior. She has since been a diligent student of God's Word, wanting her own family, too, to know the Lord through the Bible. These are her children, and the lady at the left is her neighbor interested to study the Scriptures with us.


"I remember Lydia whom the Apostle Paul met by the river in Philippi, and she, together with her household, were the first Christian converts in Philippi. In similar fashion, we also have a Lydia here in Guiuan, a seeker of the Lord. We are praying that her whole household will soon be faithful followers of the Lord."

GDMMissions has been involved in ongoing ministries in the Philippines since 2008.  Our goal has always been to use medical and dental ministries in cooperation with local churches to reach out into new areas of the country to establish new churches. Three of our Associate Missionaries  are from the Philippines. GDMMissions sent two doctors to the Philippines with disaster and medical relief within two weeks of the islands being hit by Super-Typhoon Haiyan. Another team revisited the islands of Cebu, Leyte, and Samar in February, 2104. A medical and dental evangelism Field Team will deploy to eastern Samar Island May, 2014 to follow up with those who made professions of faith in the past two trips and to explore locations to start three churches in that region. For more information on this trip and a schedule of other GDMMissions upcoming ministries, see our Upcoming Ministries page.

Ministry Geography: The Philippine islands are an archipelago of over 7,000 islands lying about 500 mi (805 km) off the southeast coast of Asia. Only about 7% of the islands are larger than one square mile, and only one-third have names. The largest are Luzon in the north (40,420 sq mi; 104,687 sq km), Mindanao in the south (36,537 sq mi; 94,631 sq km), and Visayas (23,582 sq mi; 61,077 sq km). Recent trips by GDMMissions have been to the islands of Leyte and Samar located in the southeast of the nation.


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