How You Can Help

Mission Headquarters Building

Having a permanent home brings many benefits, and responsibilities. Here are some projects you may be able to

help with.

  • Mortgage Payment
  • Replace Windows
  • Landscaping and fence improvement
  • Lawn Equipment

Benin Clinic

The Benin Clinic stands poised to enable a bold and sustained advance for the Gospel among the unreached of Northern


Portable Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound will be a key diagnostic tool at the clinic. The portability of a unit like the GE VScan would allow us to use this in outreach clinics in other villages as well. Estimated cost is $7,000.

Wall Mount Diagnostics Sets

You see them in every exam room. Standardized wall mount diagnostics sets ensure reliable diagnostic of patients while providing consistency and efficiency for staff. These sets cost around $1,000 each. We would like 3 sets at a cost of $3,000.

Pharmacy & Lab Refrigerators

Many Medications, Lab supplies, and Vaccinations require controlled temperatures. We need two refrigerators to maintain these sensitive supplies. Estimated cost is $4,000.

Lab Air Conditioner

During Benin’s hot season outside temperatures are routinely in excess of 110 degrees. Many of our lab supplies and equipment will not work at temperatures in excess of 80 degrees. One high-efficiency 220 Volt split system air conditioner will cost $1,400.

-- Supply Needs

Pharmacy Stock

The Pharmacy, once operational, will be self-sustaining. Patients will be charged “at cost” or at government regulated rates for meds provided. We will need an initial $8,000 to “seed” the pharmacy and provide a well rounded formulary.

For patients who demonstrate the inability to pay, we will have a “benevolence fund” that will help provide for such needs.

-- Operational Needs

Staffing Salaries

Initially staff salaries will need to be supplemented. For our 9 full-time national staff we expect a total monthly need of $900.

Benevolence Funds

The Benevolence Fund will enable us to compassionately and fairly serve those who demonstrate need. Some patients will legitimately not even be able to come up with $0.17 for meds or a consultation fee. Patients who can not pay will be helped from this fund. In order to avoid abuse we will have a strict set of criteria in order to qualify. The expectation is that there will be some form of payback to the clinic for services and meds provided. Some will pay in produce (e.g.rice or corn) that will then be used to feed others in need. Some will pay by providing labor for community development projects. We need an individual who will support this fund. We really don’t know what the monthly need will be, but I would guess $200 a month initially.

Malnourished Babies

This is a subcategory of the Benevolence Fund but only Malnourished Babies qualify. No payback will be required; only faithful engagement in the program is expected to ensure the health of the mother and baby. The biggest expense is formula. We hope to develop baby food formularies from locally sourced foods that will be supplemented with vitamins and nutrients. Educating mothers will also be a key component to the success of this program. We estimate $200 per month.



Eastern Samar Church Planting

Our church planting effort in the Philippines is flourishing. The number of Bible Study contacts is rapidly increasing and

with it the need for more personnel and resources.

Warai Bibles

Bibles in the local language are essential for Evangelistic and Discipleship Bible studies. Each Bible cost $4.

Bible Study Materials

Providing solid Discipleship material is vital for the teaching and maturing of new believers. $5 per person.

Meeting Place

We need to rent a meeting place or build a local structure to accommodate Sunday meetings. $100 per month.



“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by

Christ Jesus.”


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