Thank you for your prayer support for Field Team that recently served in Hermosillo, Mexico.  Our team included a medical doctor, a dentist, two registered nurses, a hygienist, and support personnel.

 We worked with Iglesia Bíblica Betania, a missions-minded church with a vision to plant 50 churches across the Sonora region. The farming village of Pesqueida was the focus of our week of ministry. Our team provided care to 600 patients. Every one of those patients heard a thorough Gospel presentation in a one-on-one setting.  We are thankful that many had a positive response to the Word.  Church members and gospel workers carefully gathered information on each contact, and follow-up ministry is ongoing as you read this.

We are often moved by the desperate life circumstances of those coming for care. Our Lord was moved with compassion for hurting people too. Their physical suffering and desperation often points to their greater need for spiritual healing.  There are many stories from the medical and dental sections, but we share these two that relate to vision.

A young woman, just 22 years old, came seeking medical care. The team discovered that she suffered from an advanced case of glaucoma. She had lost most of her vision to the disease and the vision loss was not reversible. Sadly, if treated sooner, her sight probably could have been saved. The church will continue to follow up on her spiritual need.

An elderly man also came for treatment, complaining of poor vision. In the past, he had been given a prescription for glasses, but could no longer read. The team had brought a limited supply of glasses. After fitting him with a pair, he joyously shouted, “I can read.” We share in his joy as we had the privilege of sharing the compassion of Christ with others in need, and the church saints will continue to reach out to him to minister to him.

Please continue praying for lasting fruit in the lives of those who have heard the Gospel and wisdom and strength for the local church as they follow up with individual contacts and continue to show the love and compassion of Christ to them

Praise and Prayer

  • We are praising the Lord for those new believers who came to church in Pesqueida the Sunday after we left and followed the Lord in believers baptism.
  • Pray for a continued harvest as follow up ministry continues.
  • Pray for God to lead a man to permanently shepherd the body in Pesqueida.

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